When you really have no time to put on preparing food but still want to eat healthy (and cheap)

Salmon pot

A dish that prepares itself in the oven with a lovely french feeling


A classic with amazing taste that is surprisingly easy to prepare, perfect for when inviting someone over

White cabbage pot

Cabbage is healthy, and this is an easy way of making it very tasty

Broccoli soup

A recurring favorite for many, can with ease be had every week

Salmon salad

A salad that combines many exciting ingredients and flavors, hopefully a positive surprise also for you

Chickpea salad

A fresh and summery salad that works great as for example picnic food

Spinach soup

Another soup that you prepare in no time and that can be had often

Halloumi stew

A way more exciting and juicy way of eating halloumi cheese than just throwing it on the barbeque