Because of differences in genes and lifestyle there is no perfect composition of food that fits everyone. In a not too distant future when our bodies are connected to the Internet and analyzed in real time, we will probably automatically get offered a menu that fits perfect with our genes, lifestyle and current situation. That said, for now we need to rely on what research indicates are the best options for most people.

Harvard has summarized the research into different diets to date and concludes some common factors:

  • From a macro point-of-view, high protein, low carbohydrate, healthy fat, low glycemic index diet is the best diet one on average.
  • High quality food (unrefined, minimally processed foods such as vegetables and fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and healthy sources of protein) is much better than low quality food (highly processed snack foods, sugar-sweetened beverages, refined (white) grains, refined sugar, fried foods, foods high in saturated and trans fats, and high-glycemic foods such as potatoes).
  • No diet makes it okay to eat an infinite amount of food, calories still matters to a certain extent.

Harvard also summarizes this in their Healthy Eating Plate:

The Healthy Eating Plate

So, research suggests that eating high protein food with low glycemic index and carbohydrates that is non processed is the best for you. The recipes on this site reflects this research and will continue to reflect the latest and most conclusive research.