We want to democratize great food

We believe that what people eat should make them happy, alert, healthy and awesome! We believe it should be super easy for everyone to understand what makes great food. Food should be great for you, your health, your tastebuds, your time. It should also be great for the environment and society at large. There are many companies trying to benefit financially from people’s insecurity around health, and wish to lose weight, by using non-scientific methods. There are also many companies trying to promote either straight out unhealthy food, or masquerade unhealthy food as healthy. Our commitment to you is that we will continuously monitor all real evidence-based research and innovation in food from all around the world from universities, companies and other organizations. We will summarize it and make it super easy for you to always know how far science is in this field. We will never be done and we will never be perfect. That said, we will always aim to be helpful and keep it simple so that everyone can have great food. Great food for all!

Where it starts – 30 recipes

The core of our efforts is centered around a list of 30 recipes that are continuously updated as research and innovation progresses. The recipes are created based on the following criteria:

  • Great taste – This is subjective, we know, but they taste great, we believe
  • Healthy – Based on latest research on what is actually healthy
  • Environmentally sustainable – Many of the recipes are vegetarian as today’s meat alternatives are often less sustainable
  • Fairly produced – Everyone involved in producing the ingredients from the cradle to the grave should have a decent living
  • Simple – All recipes should be easy to cook

So join us and let us help us become better. Remember to think BIG, keep it simple and have fun!