Egg salad

Protein filled salad that can be varied in many ways

Pesto quinoa

A great way of using different types of pesto, test different options to find your favorite

Chickpea curry

Chickpeas is a great base for many things, among others this stew with a distinct asian theme

Red cabbage stew

Cabbage is cheap and healthy, so become great in preparing cabbage dishes like this one with red cabbage as a base, a great choice for all occasions


A real classic that gets even better tasting if you prepare it 1-2 days before eating it

Mushroom soup

Independent of what mushroom you have (besides fly agaric) it will fit well in this very simple but great tasting mushroom soup

Vegetable pasta

Pasta can be made of many things, among others vegetables, with some blueberries it becomes an exciting dish

Broccoli pizza

A party dish and healthy pizza where only your imagination sets the limits for what topping you go for

Fish soup

The white pepper and the white wine brings out the best in this fish and vegetable soup

Green pea soup

If you like green peas you will love this soup, if you don’t like green peas you will not love this soup